Speed is GOOD!Naples Free-Net Dial Up Accelerator


NOTE... NOTE.... The NFN DialUp service has been discontinued and the accelerator will not be available.

The NFN Accelerator allows the speed of your NFN dial-up connection to be increased by up to 5 times. The more regularly you visit specific websites, the better the performance you will receive - the first visit to a web page will be up to 3 times faster (on average, greater than 2 times faster), subsequent visits to the page will be up to 5 times faster.

The NFN Accelerator also includes pop-up blocking, in-page ad blocking and speeds up the downloading of MP3 files, executable programs, and other files downloaded from within your browser.

The NFN Accelerator is another NFN value service available to all Premium Users at no additional cost.  Simply download and run  the Accelerator setup program below.   Once you have downloaded the file via the link below, double click on it to start the installation.  When installed on your PC, operation of the NFN Accelerator is completely transparent and automatic.  Click on the 'NFN Accelerator Tour' link for a short explanation of the Accelerator's options. 

Are you having problems with your NFN Accelerator
?   If you have already taken the Quick Tour, reviewed the Frequently Asked Questions, and checked out the installed Accelerator's help link and still have a problem, send an e-mail describing your problem to:


If you are unable to send an e-mail, please call the NFN HelpDesk at 417-1400 during regular business hours.


The Naples Free-Net is an ALL volunteer run operation and solely relies on its volunteers' time and the member support donations.